Stuffed Peppers Recipies

Tonight I cooked some stuffed peppers and bacon wrapped mushrooms for my parents before I take off again.

I’ll let you know how to make the peppers! Click the picture to learn more.

three stuffed peppers on white plates infront of a wine glass and bottle. Each pepper is a different color, red, yellow, green.

We’ll start with…

Four plump organic peppers

Some of this stuff is used in another recipe.
  • Cherry Tomatos
  • A sweet potato
  • An Eggplant
  • Onion
  • Some Kale
  • Quinoa
  • Feta Cheese

First let’s chop up our onions and get the pan warmed up with some olive oil.peppers_2_onion

Then the egg plant…


Let the onions simmer on high heat, once they are a bit transparent add in the egg plant. Turn the heat down a bit. I also add a bit of mushroom to the mix.

peppers_4_inthepanNow while that cooks, lets slice up these peppers.

peppers_5_pepperCut the top off of each pepper, take care to cut a little bit lower than you might expect to get the perfect cap.

peppers_6_pepper_cutClean out the inside, this is where the good stuff will go later.

peppers_6_pepper_emptyI added a little bit of sweet potato to the cooking onions, mushrooms, and eggplant. It’s still cooking!


While that is cooking we’ve got to start the Quina. I used one cup (along with two cups water, but you know how this stuff works)

peppers_11_quinapeppers_12_quinaWhile that cooks let’s go back to our peppers.

Here’s a little trick: we want our peppers to stand up straight so if they don’t you can cut up the bottom a bit to level it off.

peppers_9_flatbottomNow that we’ve cleaned out our peppers…

peppers_10_clean_peppersLet’s start filling them up. I’ll start with Feta cheese, it’s like a prize for getting to the end of the meal.

peppers_13_fetaNext I prepare some grated sweet potato and little tomatoes.

peppers_14_extrasOnce the Quina finishes cooking I add the onion and eggplant mix along with the diced tomato and some kale to the still steaming Quina.

peppers_15_mixtureNow we just have to fill our peppers!

peppers_16_add_mixtureIt’s not pictured here but I added the grated sweet potato and more feta cheese to the tops of the peppers.

The final step is to pop it all in the oven for about 20 minutes. I kept the tops of the peppers on, then after about 17 minutes took them off to let the cheese melt a bit… it didn’t quite work, I think it would have been better to just leave the tops off (but still cook them of course).

The final step was to make it look sexy.

peppers_18_finalshot_green peppers_20_finalshot_yellow peppers_19_finalshot_redYummy! Let me know what you think and if I can answer any questions you might have.

What would you stuff into peppers.