Greater Brooklyn Zine Illustration

I’ve been involved with this group of people who are writing a zine called Greater Brooklyn ( I was back in February 2014 that we got started on the project, here is the first call for submissions poster I made.

BK_ZINE_call_for_submissions_web_bw BK_ZINE_call_for_submissions_web

Now just over a year later I’m wrapping up the cover for issue 4. I am really excited to see this project grow so I put a lot of effort into this dover design. I’m also passing the illustration over to my buddy Max Rose to breath some life into the setting I illustrated.

Some detail shots:


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Rocky Mountain Bridges Website

I’ve been pushing out a bunch of great websites recently! Here’s another I just finished up for Park Works in Canada.

It’s a simple display site for Play Work’s line of drop in place bridges. They needed a presence online to show off their work, describe some of the features, and display how easy installation is.

They had a good body of photographs so it was a breeze to put together the site. I decided to go with WordPress so that Park Works could do as much editing in house as possible.

I chose Theme Foundry’s Make to act as the theme for the site. There wasn’t enough custom work needed to warrant a child theme, though I normally would install the child theme just in case.

I used Simple Custom CSS and Simple Lightbox Plugins to add just a bit of custom style and, duh, a light box to the site.

On the showcase page I used the built in Gallery function to create a grid of pictures that would pop up into the lightbox.


The Make theme has wonderful mobile support and the site works quite well on any device (not that I was able to test on that many, something I need to work into my process!).

rmb_mobile rmb_footer

Maximum Rose, a two day development sprint

I recently have begun a partnership with a dear friend Katie @fffalcon. She is a brilliant admin and designer, among other things. We picked up a little gig from my buddy Max Rose. He needed a portfolio site and fast! So Katie and I used it as a first mission to test out our potential partnership.

She turned me on to only selling myself in minimum of half day increments. No more billing one or two hours here and there, no if you want any of our time it will be at least a half day. Anyone who does freelance web work knows that even 15 minutes of work has upwards of an hour of prep time, between e-mail, server credentials, and just getting settled down to work you’ll burn countless minutes and hours that don’t get factored into your cost.

So we both gave Max a half day. Here’s the designs that Katie pumped out:


Desktop (full resolution)
nomadpals-maxrose-home-v1 max-rose-home-v1-crop

Mobile (full resolution)max-rose-phone-v1-crop:

I then took that, plus some CSS she provided and converted it into the full site. I opted to use Jekyll to produce the flat site which is simply uploaded to the server via FTP. I plan to use to host the site soon and simply maintain it via git.

You can view the code for the site on

See the site live:

Check out max’s work too, he’s so damn good:



Omni Commons and Sudo Room Oakland

I went to visit Sudo Room the other day, which has recently moved to a new collectively run community center called Omni Commons. There is a cute little cafe, a library, and some other facilities. The building is an old event space which has a dance hall, stage, cafe, a disco dance room, and much more.

It was very inspiring to see and I hope to make it down to Oakland a bit more and participate in the future!

Soft hacking!
Soft hacking!

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